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5 Best Website Builders for Programming Newbies

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Despite the rapid growth of social media platforms, having a website is still important. Your website acts as the anchor to all your social media activities. Even when you sell your products and services through e-commerce platforms, having a website is a good strategy for establishing a strong brand presence.

Today, you don’t have to be a master programmer to create a great website. Anyone can do it with the right website builder at their fingertips. In just a few clicks, you can create anything from a website that displays your portfolio to a fully functional online store. Eager to get started? Here are the five tools to consider.


We have to start our conversation about online website builders for programming newbies with This is a tool that gets you from zero to a website that stuns the audience in just a few minutes. offers a long list of tools to help you create a personalized website.

According to this review, the platform also offers countless web templates that you can customize. This means you don’t have to start from scratch and can instead choose one of the available templates – sorted by categories and industries – as your starting point.

Another great thing about using is its extensive e-commerce features. You not only get a great set of tools for creating product pages but also a checkout process that will keep customers happy with your website’s user experience.

2. Wix

A popular option for those who want to create a website without writing a single code is Wix. Wix is mainly targeted at creative workers and freelancers who want to have an awesome portfolio, but the platform is also capable of creating other types of websites.

For building a unique and trendy online presence, Wix is the tool to use. The design templates on this platform are very pleasing to the eye. You also have complete control over how elements are positioned and how they interact with each other.

On top of that, Wix makes sure that all websites built using their tools are responsive. In other words, you can rest assured knowing that your new website will still look good and be very functional when accessed using mobile devices.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is a relatively new player in the landscape, but the website building platform has been getting a lot of attention. This is due to the fact that the company works with a lot of influencers in getting their services out there.

Squarespace caters to a wide range of customers. Whether you are a creative worker or a corporation, there is a template that you can use on the platform. Considering that you can also customize every part of the website, there is nothing you cannot achieve on this platform.

It is also worth noting that Squarespace has been getting a lot of good reviews. The platform takes pride in the integrated marketing tools, so you can create a website and start attracting traffic in one seamless process when you use Squarespace.

4. WordPress

Some coding won’t hurt, especially if the coding is relatively simple. If you want complete flexibility and you prefer to host your website on a private server, then WordPress is the way to go. We’re talking about WordPress, the CMS platform (, and not, although the latter is a good alternative to consider.

The WordPress+Elementor combination has been very popular these past few months. Elementor is a plugin designed for WordPress. It turns WordPress into a WYSIWYG website builder, on which you can drag and drop elements, create advanced animation effects on your pages, and have a blog section that works to your advantage.

WordPress is flexible for exactly that reason: modularity. You can find plugins and themes that are both free and premium to help you get to the website that you want. Plugins are handy for when you want to add functionalities to the site.

5. GoDaddy

The last option that we are going to cover is GoDaddy. Known for its hosting and domain-related services, GoDaddy is starting to take website-building more seriously by introducing its own web builder. If you buy a hosting package from GoDaddy, you gain access to the web builder automatically.

Websites + Marketing from GoDaddy makes establishing a website to support your online presence easy. It integrates a lot of tools, including SEO optimization and ads management, all while keeping the actual site builder very user-friendly. You also have the option to integrate other GoDaddy services, including its robust CDN for faster site performance.

All of these tools are capable of helping you build a stunning and effective website. They may take different approaches to get there, but you cannot go wrong with any of them. Check out the templates that are available so that you can start with a rough design that is the closest to what you really want.

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