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How to find the address from the zip code in Python?

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Sometimes we want to fetch addresses using the ZIP Code. There are few Python modules that allow us to find the address using zip code. In this article, we will be focusing on Python pgeocode module, in detail.

So, let us get started!

First, what is served by Python pgeocode module?

Python programming provides us with various modules to work with the data and also fetch different details in terms of statistics, predictions, etc.

Apart from this, Python also provides us with functionalities to get information about the location in terms of GPS co-ordinates, region data, etc using postal codes.

Yes, we have Python pgeocode module to help us in geographical data as well. With pgeocode module, we can fetch and represent the region or the area related information using zip code information.

Thus, all the entire country/region related information can be obtained through postal codes itself.

In this article, we will be talking about the some of the functionalities of pgeocode module as mentioned below:

  • Data about the country/region through postal code
  • Difference between the postal codes
  • Multiple regions data from postal code

Let us now have a look at each of them in detail in the below section.

ZIP Code APIs for Enterprise Applications

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1. Fetching data about the region through postal code

Using pgeocode, we can easily fetch data with regards to different regions and countries through the postal codes.

For the same, we need to pass the postal codes to the function and it returns the data about the country ode, state name, etc.


query_postal_code(postal code)

The pgeocode.Nominatim() function helps us query the geographical data by feeding a country name or a postal code. Further, the query_postal_code() function helps us query information about the area through the postal code of a particular country.


In the below piece of code, we have imported the library into the Python environment. Further, we have set the country to ‘US’ through pgeocode.Nomination() function. After which, we have passed the postal code of ‘US’ to the query_postal_code() function to get the relevant data regarding the country and addresses.

import pgeocode
data = pgeocode.Nominatim('US')


As a result, we get the information with regards to the area represented by the postal code.

postal_code             95014
country_code               US
place_name          Cupertino
state_name         California
state_code                 CA
county_name       Santa Clara
county_code                85
community_name            NaN
community_code            NaN
latitude               37.318
longitude            -122.045
accuracy                    4
Name: 0, dtype: object

2. Difference between two postal codes

The pgeocode library also provides us with GeoDistance that helps us with the calculation of distances between the postal codes with query_postal_code() function.

For the same, we initialize the GeoDistance class using GeoDistance() function. Further to which, we point the query_postal_code() function to the initialized class. We also pass the two postal codes to the function to get the distance between them in kms.


import pgeocode
data = pgeocode.GeoDistance('fr')
print(data.query_postal_code("75013", "69006"))


3. Data of various regions within the same country code

The pgeocode module also provides the feature to fetch the data of multiple regions within the same country code at a single go. For the same, it makes use of query_postal_code() under the pgeocode.Nominatim class.

Initially, we set the country code using Nominatim() function. Ahead of it, we point the object of it to query_postal_code() function passing multiple postal codes as parameter to it.


In the below example, we have passed the postal codes of the country code ‘fr’ to get the region related details.

import pgeocode
data = pgeocode.Nominatim('fr')
print(data.query_postal_code(["75013", "69006"]))


Python geocode Module


By this, we have come to the end of this topic. Feel free to comment below, in case you come across any question.

For more such posts related to Python programming and modules, Stay tuned with us.

Till then, Happy Learning!! 🙂


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