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Top 5 Essential Linux Apps You Need Today

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In this module, we are going to discuss 5 essential Linux apps which you need today. These apps are can come in handy to anyone: from the casual daily user to the advanced ones.

List of Essential Linux Apps

Let’s get right into the list now and find the list of all the essential Linux applications.

1. Timeshift

The timeshift utility is an open-source system snapshot utility that can be used to take system-wide snapshots which you can later use to restore your system in case it breaks due to some reason.


It has two modes:

  • BTRFS Mode: It uses BTRFS’s internal features to create snapshots
  • RSYNC Mode: It uses rsync and hardlinks to create system snapshots

You can then save these snapshots on an external storage device and later if required, restore your system using the same if required.

2. Gparted

Most Linux users must be familiar with this. Gparted is a GUI implementation of GNU parted. It helps you perform a lot of the memory and partition-related stuff via a very friendly GUI Interface.

Gparted essential Linux apps

Gparted lets you perform a multitude of tasks like creating partition tables, resizing partition tables, attempting data rescue, formatting partitions, and much more. You can monitor and resize the partitions not only on your internal hard drive but also on your external memory devices like USB Sticks/SSDs as well.

Gparted comes in especially handy when creating bootable ISOs and such. You can also check partitions for errors and name them using this. It is a very well rounded tool which facilitates a lot of essential memory operations.

3. Stacer

Stacer is a system monitoring and optimization tool which aims at providing a one stop solution for all system related activities. It has a very attractive user interface which let’s you perform system let’s you visualize your system’s stats in a very intuitive and graphical way.

Stacer essential Linux apps

It has several options which include :

  • System Information
  • Managing Startup Apps
  • System Cleaner
  • File Search
  • Monitoring Services
  • Managing Packages
  • And Much More

These features make it indispensable for those running Linux as their daily driver!

System Monitoring With Stacer
System Monitoring With Stacer

4. KDE Connect

It is well known that KDE has some cool features and KDE Connect is one of them. The best thing is that it can be installed on other Desktop Environment and/or Window Managers as well. It has a lot of features and essentially lets you control your PC and transfer files two and fro between the two devices.

KDE Connect Desktop And Mobile Interface
KDE Connect Desktop And Mobile Interface

It also provides a lot of extra features like remote input which lets you use your phone as a touchpad and if connected you can also use your PC to find your data. It also lets you execute commands on your PC and transfer files very easily between the two devices. There are several more features that you can try out on your own. Just download the KDE Connect App and once you have connected it to your PC, you are good to go.

5. KeepPassXC

KeepPassXC is an Open Source Cross Platform password manager which helps you keep your passwords safe. It securely stores your password in an encrypted database protected by a Master Password


It also generates secure passwords for you and helps to secure your credentials. However, you MUST NOT FORGET the Master Password. It is advised to use a passphrase instead of a password to keep the database secure as if someone is able to crack the master password, they can get access to the entire database!


Thus in this article, we saw some of the essential Linux apps which can help you in various ways. There are tons of other such software which provide very essential features and take that one extra step to make our lives easier.

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