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[Design Story] How the Designers of the Samsung BESPOKE Jet Came To Revolutionize Cleaning – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Unlike refrigerators and washing machines, the vacuum cleaner is a movable household appliance that is typically kept in storage areas and only brought out when needed. The task of vacuuming also comes with the unpleasant and tedious processes of emptying your vacuum’s dust bin, cleaning out its filter, and putting the appliance away again when you’re done.


Designers from Samsung Electronics examined all of these processes as they looked to create an integrated and holistic vacuum cleaning experience. These efforts culminated in the Samsung BESPOKE Jet vacuum, which caters to users’ spaces and establishes new ways for them to live their everyday lives.



Harmonizing Your Life


Since the introduction of wireless vacuums, vacuum cleaners have gone from being stored in closets to having their own dedicated places in our living spaces. While the vacuum designs of the past prioritized performance, they also neglected aesthetic appeal, requiring users to devise ways to conceal their vacuums to prevent them from disrupting their spaces. As they have become a fixture in our living areas, vacuum cleaner designs have changed to allow the products to seamlessly blend into our domestic environments.



The Samsung BESPOKE Jet, for instance, instantly becomes an aesthetic complement to users’ homes while also still offering next-level functionality. With its ‘floating’ appearance, rounded footprint and sleek, vertical-lined design, the Samsung BESPOKE Jet blends in wherever it is placed. Speaking about Samsung’s new vacuum cleaner, Harry Choi, Head of the Design Team at Samsung’s Digital Appliances Business said, “The design philosophy for the BESPOKE Jet is based on providing a solution that fits with the personal spaces that embody our lifestyles and preferences.”



An All-encompassing Experience


Emptying the dust bin after vacuuming inevitably leads to some quantity of dust being released back into your space. Even when using vacuums with high-quality filters, the dust collected tends to spread out as soon as the bin is detached. This critical flaw in the last stage of cleaning has long added inconvenience to the vacuuming experience.


At least, that was until Samsung Electronics delivered the Clean Station to overhaul this onerous final stage. With the Clean Station, the BESPOKE Jet’s dustbin can be emptied with a simple touch of a button as soon as the vacuum is mounted on its integrated Clean Station and stand holder, preventing dust from being released while the vacuum is being emptied. What’s more, the vacuum’s charger is also incorporated into this holder, thus bringing the processes of mounting, emptying, and charging your vacuum together in a single solution. Commenting on this innovation, designer Sookyoung Park said, “We took the entirety of the cleaning experience into consideration, from the moment you pick up the vacuum to when you put it away again.”



Every Moment Made Better


Vacuuming can prove a complex task, with a number of minor factors capable of disrupting our vacuum cleaning. The BESPOKE Jet designers closely examined the issues that commonly interfere with users’ cleaning to ensure that they were delivering a product that would help to alleviate them. Commenting on this, designer Yeonsu Kim said, “We wanted to see cleaning become a task that was perceived as simple, rather than burdensome.”



One such grievance is the number of different accessories and implements that are needed to ensure that dust is removed from every crevice and that the floor is spotlessly mopped. The Samsung BESPOKE Jet alleviates this concern with its accessory cradle. This solution allows users to easily access and arrange the additional tools they need for their cleaning, including the Slim Action Brush, Spray Spinning Sweeper and a rechargeable battery. The lightweight Slim Action Brush allows for comprehensive cleaning in narrow spaces, while the Spray Spinning Sweeper includes a built-in spray function to make doing a proper clean easier than ever before.



Optimized Usability


The designers also determined that the vacuum’s range of functions should be simple and straightforward to use, and that its status should be easy to gauge with a single glance. Thus, the Samsung BESPOKE Jet is equipped with an LCD display on its handle to provide intuitive guidance and next-level usability. Displaying vivid guidance messages, error solutions and the device’s status, this display makes doing your vacuuming a straightforward and user-friendly breeze.


For those who use their vacuums often, physical discomfort from using heavy, unergonomic products can also become a concern. Thus, the Samsung BESPOKE Jet features an optimized curved handle to make it easier and more comfortable to hold. The vacuum’s handle is also lighter so that the pressure on the user’s wrist is reduced. The Samsung BESPOKE Jet’s dust-proof batteries are also strategically positioned at the top and bottom of the handle to make the vacuum easier to manipulate.



A truly innovative new product can improve users’ lives in a countless number of ways. With its refined design and ability to improve the overall experience of vacuum cleaning from start to finish, the Samsung BESPOKE Jet is overhauling the cleaning experience. Going forward, the designers from Samsung Electronics will continue to carefully observe and account for users’ everyday experiences in order to introduce designs that will meaningfully improve their lives.


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