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Top 25 Best Movie Maker Apps for Android Device

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Are you in search of the best movie maker apps for Android? If yes! You are at the right place.

Short Video apps are also a trend right now. People are making short and fun videos of one minute with creative editing to show their skills. All you need is a configured video editing or movie-making app that is compatible with your device.

In this editorial, you are going to learn about 25 such best movie-making apps that empower you to beautifully craft your short films.

Review of 25 Best Movie Making Apps

Let’s get into this list of the best video editing and movie-making apps for Android.

1. Video Editor & Maker Video Show

Video Editor & Maker Video Show

If you vlog on YouTube or upload short videos, this is a useful movie-making app. The video editor comes well-equipped with features that you anticipate from a movie maker.

You can include customizable text into videos and add sounds and music effects from external storage. There is an extensive range of FX effects to apply to your photos and videos.

Apart from that, you can also use many modern-day filters to beautify yourself. It’s quite suitable for editing Instagram reels and other short videos. Moreover, the app is good with an intuitive interface and cinematic editing tools.

2. Movie Maker

Movie Maker
Movie Maker

Moviemaker is another great movie editing app that empowers you to make short videos for YouTube, Instagram, and many other platforms.

As an editing app, it offers you some powerful tools. You can quickly record and mix audio for easy sharing on social media.

Users can find this app loaded with several prevalent stickers, soundtracks, and filters. You can also add transitions in between clips to make it more attractive.

Timeline editing is a remarkable function of this app that reminds you of windows movie maker.

3. Film Maker Pro – Movie Maker & Video Editor

Film Maker Pro Movie Maker & Video Editor
Film Maker Pro Movie Maker & Video Editor

Filmmaker Pro is a movie editing app that is exclusively designed for android. It is full of features and free to use. The results extracted from this app are also quite cinematic. Some popular features that you accomplish in this app are video trimming, splitting of clips, cutting options, and many more.

There are also HD quality filters to apply to video. Users can use pre-set music available in this app or can integrate music from external storage. There is also an extensive option for animations. The user interface is decent, and everyone can use it.

4. Music Video Editor – VCUT Pro

Music Video Editor VCUT Pro
Music Video Editor VCUT Pro

It is an all-in-one movie-making app with some great editing features. Some cutting-edge tools let you edit your video to make it compelling; there are many robust options to edit it in the timeline. Users can add slow motion to regular video or even can make it faster.

There are professional-grade filters, colors, and FX effects to add to your video. If you are bored using your pre-installed video editor, this app offers you a bunch of customized features, including many sound effects and customizable texts. You can cut, paste, compress, edit, and do anything you want.

5. PowerDirector – Video Editor

PowerDirector Video Editor
PowerDirector Video Editor

As the name says, it is a powerful app known for its editing features. Users find this as a helpful application as it offers you templates as you anticipate. Apart from your phone, you can also use this app on your Chromebook. In features, the most remarkable feature is voice-over and audio redo.

This empowers you to refine the audio quality of your video. Apart from voice-over, you will get a lot of tools to add filters, effects, and other editing options. Lastly, the easy sharing option lets you share the video on any social media platform.

6. YouCut – Video Editor & Maker

YouCut Video Editor & Maker
YouCut Video Editor & Maker

YouCut is famous amongst users. The only video editing tool that doesn’t offer you any watermark when you publish the video. The UI of this app is easy to learn; even beginners can learn editing like a pro.

It runs seamlessly on all smartphones and offers you some functions like video editing, photo editing, collage making, and many more. In video editing, you can achieve video splitting, adding music, effects, and FX.

Users can also add filters to the videos. After editing, users will get a wide range of options to convert and compress the video.

7. GoPro Quik: Video Editor & Maker

GoPro Quik
GoPro Quik

This is a flexible video editing app that you must have on your Android phone. Not only video, but you can also edit music and audio files in this app.

The interface of this app is simple and easy to learn. The interface itself accommodates you to edit your video quickly like a pro. There are many other features as well.

It includes having adjustable text, patterns, and background in your videos. Users can achieve many advanced options of video compilation; it directly supports digital video cams and camcorders.

There are many sample editing that you can see and learn in this app. You can edit and make your video in slow motion or fast motion.

8. PK Film: Movie Maker

PK Film
PK Film

PK film is an app that empowers with amazing features. It is a free-to-use app with several useful and unique editing features. The user interface in the first place is very easy.

It lets you understand and grasp the editing easily. You can find all editing functions on the screen without any hassle. You can use it for your slide shows or cinematic movie editing.

There is a decent range of music to add to your videos. All music tracks are free or licensed and don’t offer you copyright strikes.

9. Movie Maker by Video Studio

Movie Maker By Video Studio
Movie Maker By Video Studio

It is an application that not only lets you edit your videos but can also create remarkable videos by compiling your images. Users can use it for slide shows, video editing, and audio editing.

Tons of features make it dominant. Primarily, the interface is simple and easy to understand.

This allows you quickly adapt yourself to the app. Users can add text, music, effects, FX, filters, and many other things to videos; you can also integrate frames and borders into your videos.

Moreover, it is a decent lightweight app that works fine on any android device.

10. KineMaster – Video Editor

KineMaster Video Editor
KineMaster Video Editor

Kinemaster delivers you professional-level video editing and movie making. Users here in this app can accomplish video editing with seamless tools. You can find this app on the Play Store with huge numbers of downloads and positive reviews.

However, this video editing app offers you a watermark if you don’t take premium membership. KineMaster has a beautiful interface that users will find immersive to use.

Apart from that, it offers you a wide range of background effects, FX filters, and other editing features. You can integrate text into video as well. An instant previewing option makes it more useful for users.

11. Viva Video Editor

Viva Video Editor
Viva Video Editor

Viva Video editor is a professional video-making tool with many video-making features. Users can seamlessly cut, add and crop video in the timeline. You can merge two videos and integrate a wide range of music into them.

It is also a professional-grade application for YouTube video making. You can also use this app if you want to make a video to publish on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This app comes under top free app recommendation.

This is a free application available on the Play Store, and you don’t have to pay any cost to access its features.

12. InShot – Video Editor & Maker

InShot Video Editor & Maker
InShot Video Editor & Maker

InShot is a powerful and free app offering you many features to edit, make and publish videos. For content creators and vloggers, this is supportive as it has the potential to turn an ordinary video into a beautiful clip.

There are tons of special effects, filters, and sounds that make video making more interesting. With this app, you can offer professional-level movie and video making to your viewers.

One useful feature that you will love is the blurring effect. It allows you to blur the background even in video. Using the video splitter, you can also split the video into two half and apply transition 

13. AndroVid


If you are looking for an efficient movie maker, this app retains a great chance of serving you. It is an advanced-level video-making app that includes all editing features you would anticipate for.

You can make a remarkable movie with mere effort and time. Once you create videos and movies using your camera, this app will help you to make an outstanding clip.

You can trim the video to eliminate the part that you don’t want. Beyond editing, you can find many other features like integrating text, music, and effects into your video. 

14. Cute CUT

Cute CUT
Cute CUT

Cute CUT is a bit different and unique from other contemporary apps. It works great on all android devices without any bugs and lagging. The interface is simple and powerful, with shortcut options. You can find many professional-level editing features that you want in a video editing app.

There are also editing functions that match the Hollywood level. While editing your video, you will find more than 20 types of transition effects to apply between two clips.

There are also drag and drop adjustment options available that make it easy for you. It has all potential to be powerful with voice-over, text, and song-adding options.

15. Intro Maker

Intro Maker
Intro Maker

Intro Maker is a useful app for those who wish to make video intro and outro for their YouTube channels. Not just Intro and outros, users will also get a comprehensive option to edit videos. It is an app for all the young generation out there! It is efficient with many editing and movie-making tools.

Users can use several theme-based effects in their video to make it compelling. There are over 400 pre-defined templates that help you achieve proficiency. Its music library is also huge, and you can use all music for free.

16. Video Editor – Glitch Video Effect

Video Editor Glitch Video Effect
Video Editor Glitch Video Effect

Video Editor is a unique android movie maker you can find on the Play Store. Features like editing, trimming, and cutting videos are all packed in this app. There is also a VHS camera alternative that you can utilize to shoot videos with better quality. Several pre-set effects will make the movie fabulous.

A novel feature of this app is the glitch effect. It let you capture attention at the most stunning point of the video. This app allows you to import videos from any storage, including internal and external storage. The video editor app also has vintage effects that you can try in your video.

17. FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker
FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

FilmoraGo is an app used by most professionals for video editing. There are inspiring music and sound effects that can make your video more attractive for your viewers.

This app is compatible with most android devices and works quite well. You can also entertain your viewers with a lot of funny stickers available in this app.

There are visual effects that are quite unique. You can also achieve a real-time preview while editing videos. The best part about this app is that it doesn’t offer you any watermark in the video. Soundtracks here are also great!

18. Video Maker Movie Editor

Video Maker Movie Editor
Video Maker Movie Editor

It is too easy to organize and beautify your videos with this app. You can integrate all your clips into one place to use them with good transition effects. There are many necessary editing features in this app. It includes video editing, splitting, trimming, and a lot more. It is your mini studio that is handy as well.

There are faded and blur effects that you will enjoy integrating into your video. There is also a precise frame to grab attention. One more useful feature is after editing the video; you can export it in HD quality. 

19. Video Maker YouTube – VideoGuru

Video Maker YouTube – VideoGuru
Video Maker YouTube – VideoGuru

VideoGuru is a professional editing app stealing all attention with its easy editing features. The most notable element of this app is it takes less time to process any video from clips. It comes as a decent movie maker for YouTube.

In this movie-making app, you can compress several video clips and other pictures onto one.

Apart from that, it is a free app and doesn’t charge a single penny. All kinds of video formats are also compatible with this app. Users can also find much free music to integrate into videos.

20. Music Movie Maker

Music Movie Maker
Music Movie Maker

As the name says, it is a movie-making app with several musical editing options. It is quite supportive with an easy-to-understand interface. What can achieve from this app includes making slide shows, making short movies, Video clips, and a lot more.

Using all tools is easy, and even beginners can use these tools with proficiency. You can change the speed of video using 0.5x, 1x, and 2x speeds. HD videos also get supported to edit and export.

The social media sharing option is also accessible in this app.

21. Kizoa – Movie Maker

Kizoa Movie Maker
Kizoa Movie Maker

Kizoa is a recently popular app for video and movie making. This has a lot of great features to edit and customize your movies. It is exclusively free to use, and it also doesn’t demand you to sign-up. In this app, you can both create videos and edit exciting clips on your smartphone.

Just select the files with a few taps and integrate the effects that you want.

There are tons of music and sounds to integrate. You can also add as many pics to make it a short video.

22. Magisto


Magisto has an easy interface that is helpful for beginners. It is quite simple to edit your movies and short videos in this app. It offers you a timeline editing feature to edit your videos in minutes.

There are many colorful stickers for having some extra fun with your videos. Apart from that, you can add text, trim and merge clips, and accomplish many other features.

You can use templates for quick creation without any delay. One hundred twenty million downloads quite say that it is a reliant app to use.

23. VMX Video Editor

VMX Video Editor
VMX Video Editor

VMX video editor is an editing app that creates engaging videos and slideshows. It offers you features like video cutting, splitting, trimming, and compiling.

One prominent thing about this app is, it is completely free. There are also filters, photos, music, and text-adding option for users. However, this app contains an annoying ad that can pop up while editing the video.

There is a layer-based editing option that allows users to edit one layer after another. All the videos processed in this app are of HD quality.

24. Movie Editing – Pro Video Editor

Movie Editing Pro Video Editor
Movie Editing Pro Video Editor

It is an application that creates magic out of an ordinary clip. There are endless editing tools that make your movie a professional video. You can export your edited video in 4K resolution. The interface of this app is quite intuitive. Users will get access to the complete tool kit in the main window itself.

If you have created a video in a messy background, you can completely remove any object or replace the background. Users can also resize frames for a better transformation. There are more than 180 formats and 200 devices pre-set to use in your editing. You can also adjust sound if you don’t want the original sound to be in the video.

The green screen effect is also remarkable and offers you Hollywood-level editing.

25. Mini Movie Maker with Music

Mini Movie Maker With Music
Mini Movie Maker With Music

Mini Movie Maker is an application that helps you create and edit awesome videos. Along with the videos, you can also make slide shows by just integrating some photos.

The interface of this app is easy to use and beautiful. This application also can capture videos to make a movie using a device camera. Apart from that, you can also add background to your video using this app.

If you are new to video editing, this app is highly recommended for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best movie maker app for android devices?

All apps mentioned above are remarkable when it comes to movie making. However, some undisputed names include Power Director, Splice, Quik, KineMaster, Filmmaker pro, Inshot, and a lot more.

2. Which app is best for movie making?

The top apps that are remarkable for movie making includes:
– Video show
– Moviemaker for YouTube
– Filmmaker pro
– Videomaker with music

3. Can I make a movie on my android phone?

Yes! You can make a movie on your android smartphone. But you must have a movie maker app to integrate different video files to make it one. If you have a movie maker app, you can visit the “Create new movie” section and start integrating your clips if you have already recorded them.

4. How can I film on my android?

Filming in android is easier. All you need to do is use your camera. The crucial job starts after filming when you have to edit the clips. You need the above-listed movie-making apps to create compelling a film.

5. How can I shoot a professional video on android?

You can follow the steps below to shoot a professional video on your android.
– Don’t shoot your video in portrait mode
– Always use a tripod to achieve stability
– Don’t use any third-party app for zooming
– Find ample amount of lighting
– Record audio on an external mic

6. Do movie-making apps consume more battery?

Film making is heavy apps that might consume the battery and processing speed of your smartphone.

7. Is video show a good app for movie making?

Yes! It is a decent app with numerous downloads. You can also read the user reviews to find whether it’s worthy or not.


Keeping it short, these are the top 25 apps that you can use as an android movie maker. Now that you know the best 25, choose the one that best suits your requirement. If you have any more recommendations, you can let the readers know in the comment section. 

We hope this article about the 25 best movie maker apps for Android is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media, if you found it helpful for you in any manner.

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