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10 Best Websites for Downloading Open-Source Software

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Are you searching for the best website for downloading open-source software? If yes, you are at the best place.

In this article, we’ll list 10 such websites that list open-source projects. We ran through the platforms to ensure that there is enough activity to find some good, unknown projects by indie developers. Who knows, your exploration might land you some hidden gems!

Top 10 Websites for Downloading Open Source Software 

Thus, keep reading below to find the top 10 websites. You can also bookmark these websites if you find the projects listed within the website to be useful.

1. GitHub


GitHub aims to empower all developers to work on all open-source projects. It is a sole platform where you can install and work on open-source projects. Users can also find open-source projects for Linux. However, the main purpose of this platform is to host open-sourcing coding and project development using the source code. The user interface of this platform is quite smooth and fascinating. Users can sign in or sign up with a new account to use all the features of this website. Besides, GitHub also does have a search bar that allows you to search all the open-source projects accessible in GitHub.

More than 73 million developers access this platform for open-source development. Not only developers but many organizations are also harnessing the codes to develop new variations. GitHub also offers you cloud storage to keep your development progressing.

2. SourceForge


It is one of the most recommendable and precise websites to find all open-source software that you need. This platform has over 30 million monthly users containing 500,000 open-source projects. On its home page only, users can access some of the most trending open-source projects. The user interface of this website is quite decent to use. Users here can find a search bar to find all projects and business software that are open source. SourceForge also offers you an autofill feature in the search bar. That implies; when you type your search, the platform starts showing you suggestions. 

The AI integration in this platform makes it more advanced. With your downloading behavior, it shows you a list of favorite open-source software that comes recommended for you. Users in this website can also determine some of the best-licensed software suitable for their device types and OS. Further, if you are a registered user, you can also write your reviews about the software.

3. LaunchPad


This is a website that emphasizes Ubuntu primarily. It is also acknowledged that Ubuntu developers manage and support the project efficiently. The projects that build using this platform can only run on Ubuntu-based platforms. The interface is quite simple and not very attractive. On the home portal itself, you can find featured projects. Apart from that, it describes to you why it is best. There is also a blog post section that educates the reader about several recent updates in development. There is also a search bar on this website.

LaunchPad is a great platform for all business enterprises and a team of developers who want to create innovation using the customary source code. Users in this website can log in or use it without logging into LaunchPad. Next, you can also report any bugs in your coding alterations and find a fix for them.

4. FossHub


FossHub is a reliable, fast, and free platform to find open-source software. In this platform, you can assure about no malware. FossHub started its journey back in 2007. After all these years, it has become one of the most trustworthy websites to access open-source software. Users can find it easy to download any project, as there is no redirection link. Clicking on any link will bring you straight to the desired page without opening pages on a new tab. End users can also get access to several project information. It includes the total number of downloads that the project has acquired and its review.

If you are a registered user, you can also write your review about any project or open-source software. FossHub accommodates you with several genres to find your desired project or software. It includes File sharing, audio editors, utilities, Graphics apps, video editors, Multimedia, OS, developer tools, and many more.



OSDN is an acronym for open-source development networks. It offers you a plethora of free softwares, and users here find a lot of open source softwares based on their rankings. Below every project, you will also get a brief description of the project. This lets users know about its working and usability. Apart from that, users here can also access several other sections. It includes active projects, new releases, site announcements, magazines, and many more.

The user interface or the home page might seem to be a little confusing, but it is easy to navigate. Further, clicking on any open-source software/project takes you to a page where you can find its description, downloading option, source code, developer dashboard, and many more. Users on this platform can read the document, report any bug, or even review the project.

6. TuxFamily 


This is a website where you can uncover all the latest and popular open-source software. Along with software, you can also access many active projects. Users on the home page itself can browse and find the projects and software they are looking for. The website is also available in several languages. Users can select the flag option from the top right corner to change the default language of the page. Below every project user can find a description of its working. However, the home page looks quite dull without having many options on it. Users won’t also find any search option to find the desired software.

There are two different sections on the left side of the home page, where users can spot the projects and the users. At the current moment, this website offers you more than 2400 projects.

7. Black Duck Open Hub 

Black Duck Open Hub
Black Duck Open Hub

Black duck Open Hub is another remarkable and useful website to find open-source software. Users can find a plethora of open-source projects from several categories. Users can connect with the project’s primary developers in the open hub and communicate to get more insights. However, the home page of this website is categorized into three different parts, and it includes the most popular, most active, and most active contributors.

The popular projects section brings you some of the most prevalent open-source software, including Mozilla Firefox, MySQL, PHP, Ubuntu, and many more. Similarly, in inactive projects, you can find Android, Cloud Foundry, Open Stack, etc. In the active contributor’s section, you can find the name of developers who are actively contributing to the development of projects.

8. Open-Source Software Directory 

Open Source Software Directory 
Open Source Software Directory 

This is a website where users can find open-source projects and software using a filter. The filter option allows users to streamline their search and find what they need. The directory page of this platform includes every necessary insight about the project that helps the developer learn about the project before working on them. The website also offers users many tools for professional and home use.

There is a division on the homepage that shows you all the latest added projects to the websites. Apart from that, users can also search in categories. It includes businesses and developers. The home page of this website is quite easy to use. There are not many functions, and the user also doesn’t need to log in.

9. F-droid

F Droid
F Droid

It is another excellent platform where you can access and download the most prevalent open-source software. Along with software, you can also find projects that you can work on. Some of the most excellent Android softwares here are not even available on the Google Play Store. Users in this website can also browse the different categories to streamline their search and find the app they need.

Clients working on F-droid projects can find it easy to install and work on them. Users can also chase the progress of the open-source codes that they are working on. F-droid has two interesting sections that help users to find interesting projects. It includes the Last updated and latest apps. Here users can find access to downloading some of the top projects.

10. List Of Open-Source Programs – LOOP

List Of Open Source Programs – LOOP
List Of Open Source Programs – LOOP

This is an easy website to discover all the popular open-source programs. It basically supports all software for Microsoft Windows operating system. So, on this website, you can discover an extensive list of open-source applications that run on Windows. Users here can add, edit and download any program that they want. If there is any bug in any software, you can also report that. Users here can find desktop applications categorized into communication, Engineering, educational, financial, games, productivity, management, MISC, Multimedia, and many more.

The homepage of this website is quite easy to use. The whole page appears like a blog, making it easier for some users. However, if you want to edit any source code, you need to sign up for this platform. A useful advanced search option also lets users streamline their search.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best website to download open-source software?

All the above-listed websites are great platforms to access open-source software. However, some of the most prominent websites that you can find include:

2. Can I download open-source software?

Yes! You can download the open-source software where the source code is freely available. You can access the above-listed websites to download and learn how an application works. If you want to modify the source code, you can also accomplish that.

3. What is the most popular open-source software?

In recent times, you can find an abundance of software accessible for free and with source code. Some of the most popular names include:
Mozilla Firefox
VLC media player

4. How can I download free and open-source software?

To download any open source and free software, you have to visit any of the above websites.
Once you visit the website, you will find several open-source projects
Click on the project that fascinates you
Then you will find a download page with a tab for accessing the download option.
Apart from projects, you can also find a business software section to search for the software.
Users can also use a search bar available on the websites to find desired open-source software.

5. Is Google an open-source software?

Google doesn’t call itself an open-source company, so it is not open source. However, it has developed several platform-building tools that are open source.

6. Is YouTube an open-source platform?

Yes! YouTube is an open-source platform. Users can access its source code and customize them as they want it.

7. Are open-source software free to use?

Yes! The open-source software is free to use. In the sense of free, users here get access to modify the codes and innovate out of them.


These are the top 10 websites to download open-source software. Now that you are clear about their concept and details, you can easily make the best decision for your open-source software needs. If you have any more recommendations, you can mention them in the comments. We hope this article about the best websites to download open-source software is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media, if you find it helpful for you in any manner.

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