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GamStop Technologies: How The System Works

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GamStop had been founded by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) under the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme (NOSES). GamStop is a popular self-exclusion scheme in the UK that blocks and restricts sites and apps related to gambling upon registration. 

GamStop has been developed for the welfare of people and families who suffer from the effects of gambling addiction. The scheme is free of cost and linked with gambling awareness organizations like Gamcare to assist people with advice related to financial ordeals stemming from gambling, mental health issues, and self-harm issues. The GamStop helpline is available for contact 7 days a week.

How GamStop Functions

GamStop needs access to the user’s personal details to set up the account. Basic information like address proof, employment proof, contact information is needed for GamStop to effectively determine gambling sites used by the account holder. Once registered, users will be able to avail of the service for up to a definite period of time like 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years; users can renew the terms according to their wishes. GamStop also prevents money transactions on banned sites by blocking deposits on these apps and allowing no access to already registered online casino sites. But there are some casino operators that are not on GamStop available for players from the United Kingdom even while being self-excluded.  In case a user does not comply with the rules and regulations laid down by GamStop, their account can be revoked and they will not be able to use the scheme again.  

All online legal casinos in the UK are registered with GamStop and avail of their services. GamStop does not block illegal casino sites or sites that are not registered under the scheme but fortunately, most UK online casinos are registered under GamStop. 

Setting up an account needs verification. After signing up, the user has to confirm their identities through an email they would receive from GamStop. If a user is unable to follow instructions in the email, they can contact the GamStop support page for additional help. They have to verify a captcha and they would be registered within 24 hours of signing in. The captcha is specially designed for GamStop users and has certain technologies behind it. The technologies embedded in the system are given below.

Perl API

Perl Api

Perl is a programming language with extensive features and high adaptability to platforms, being functional on 100 platforms. Perl is used for swift prototyping execution and grand-scale development projects. It is linked with a number of public and private organizations due to its being flexible with its modules. Perl is not an individual programming language rather a branch of high-level programming languages with features and functions related to C. GamStop uses Perl for its development using GitHub and the module includes:

  • Name
  • Synopsis/ summary of service
  • Description
  • Prerequisite or API key
  • Attributes
  • Methods
  • Author
  • Copyright and License 
  • Return
  • Timeouts 

Operator Portals

Operators Portal

The Operator Portal is not accessible to everyone, it is only accessible to gambling operators who are not based in the UK but are licensed under the UKGC and registered with GamStop. The operators from overseas have to be licensed under GamStop to qualify as legal casino sites. 

These portals are responsible for data storage and provide services for the management of GamStop including processing data and checking personal information but they also uphold user privacy.

User Database

User Database
User Database

Perl is not the only technology that is responsible for the development of GamStop. The GamStop service is backed up and operated by the user database, The user database is vital because it has the required information on all GamStop users and their demands and reasons for choosing to self-exclude. The user database gives the online casino companies an idea about the rules they need to cater to and how they should implement their safety policies. 

The database filters out the users registered with GamStop and stop them from playing on the site or the app. The user will not only be blocked from gambling sites but also will not receive any advertisements related to gambling that can distract them through mail or texts. All gambling ads and references will be banned based on the information gained from the user’s database. 

Removal of all distractions is a helpful method of detaching users from the aspect of gambling. The absence of these promotions, advertisements and restrictions on app usage controls the compulsive habits of players to a large extent.


The effects of GamStop have been evident in the UK. The scheme has resulted in a huge reduction of compulsive gamblers and has promoted safe and healthy gambling habits. GamStop has also helped families who were dealing with compulsive gamblers and assisted the gamblers who were mentally drained due to their addiction. The advancement and popularity of GamStop have also made people aware of the problems of excessive gambling and aided people in recognizing signs of gambling addiction to prevent it at the very origin.

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