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Kaggle Datasets For Your Next Data Science Project

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Kaggle’s website is no more a secret. For Data scientists and analysts, it offers thousands of datasets and notebooks along with hosting competitions. For any data science/analysis project, the best you could get is data. So, in this article, I will take you through the best Kaggle datasets for your next data science project. Let’s roll!!!

I will be sharing the best datasets and notebooks. It will be for your next visualization, analysis, and recommender system projects. You can follow the notebooks which include the same datasets which I have listed below.

1. Kaggle Datasets for Data Visualization Projects

Data visualization is one of the crucial parts of a data science project. To understand data better, you need to visualize it to uncover hidden insights.

Python offers packages like Matplotlib, Seaborn and Pandas to help you in visualizing data in a best way possible.

This dataset includes the player’s career mode data from the year 2015 to 2022. One of the key advantages of this dataset is, that it allows you to visualize the same player’s data for 8 different versions.

  1. You have to click on the ‘Download’ icon in the top right corner. To download this dataset as a CSV file into your local system.
  2. Please note that if you are not registered with Kaggle, Please do register or Sign in to download the data files.
  3. This is a FIFA 22 Video Game Dataset.

Link FIFA 22 Dataset

Notebook – Author, Stephano Leone

  • Population Data (1955-2020)

This data contains the population information of the world countries from year 1955 to 2020. You can use this data to visualize multiple attributes. such as Population, Area, Coastline, Population density and much more.

Image 10
  1. Using Pandas advanced plotting functions, you can easily play with this data.
  2. File name – Countries of the World.

Link – Population data

Notebook – Pandas documentation

2. Kaggle Datasets for Data Analysis Projects

It’s time for Analysis. Let’s see some of the datasets which you can use in your next data analysis project.

Say hi to Pokémon. This dataset includes hundreds of Pokémon and its attributes as well. You can compare them based on their skills, strength, and much more.

Image 11
  • This is one of the unique datasets and more a real-world dataset from a video game.
  • You will good exposure to analyze multiple characters and comparing them as well.

Link – Pokémon Data

Notebook – Ajeta

  • Netflix Movies and TV Shows 2021

This is one of the popular datasets for analysts. This data has around 10 attributes that describes the Movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Image 12
Image 12
  1. Any dataset from Netflix is worth spending time on.
  2. If you want to work on Entertainment domain, you can go with this data. It has lot more to offer and much more to uncover.

Link – Netflix dataset

Notebook – Canis

3. Kaggle Datasets for Text Classification Projects

Text classification is like Gold digging. It’s hard due to it’s unstructured nature. But, if you can get it right, it will provide amazing insights. This is also an application of NLP.

If you work on NLP (Natural Language Processing), I will assume you enjoy working with this data.

Image 13
  1. This is a dataset from IMDB.
  2. You can use this data to work on Sentiment analysis projects.
  3. You can also call this as Binary classification.

Link – IMDB Data

Notebook – Dario

4. Kaggle Datasets for Recommender Systems

Recommender system are those systems which makes relevant suggestions based on the user choices. Amazon, Netflix and YouTube are the most popular examples.

The dataset offered by MovieLens is an amazing one for this recommender system project.

Image 14
  1. This whole data consists of multiple datasets. Tags, scores, movies, ratings and more.
  2. Using this you can movie recommendation system all by yourself.
  3. Follow the below notebook for code.

Link – MovieLens

Notebook – Durga


Kaggle is awesome. It is one of the most valuable resource for data science. Kaggle website offers both data and notebooks which you can make use of for your projects. You can learn, practice and even participate in Kaggle competitions. These data and notebooks will help you in your next projects. That’s all for now. Happy Python!!!

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