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Google Workspace Data Protection | How to Secure Your Google Workspace Data

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Google Workspace (G-suite) is actively used by companies around the world to increase their productivity. However, for comfortable use, it is very important to ensure the Google Workspace data protection.

Why It’s Important To Ensure Google Workspace Data Protection

Google Workspace data security is a modern and necessary solution for the cybersecurity of every user of these products. Because many people will use the service, it is usually important to prevent possible loss of information for certain products, such as Google Drive.

In most cases, incidents of loss of information occur due to the inattention of users of the service. That is why data protection is always in the first place for program developers. In addition, hacking attacks can be used on important company data. That is why the management of the G-suite takes care of the protection of information at the highest level. However, if business owners want to improve the protection of their data and eliminate security gaps, they can use the Google Workspace Data Protection platform.

Common Ways The Data Can Be Lost

There are various ways that lead to data loss, consider the most common of them:

  1. Human error. No one is able to undo the human factor, so inattention or chaos of certain human actions can lead to the loss of important information.
  2. Ransomware. These are blackmail programs that are a type of malware. The main task of such services is to block access to the computer system or interfere with previously read information.
  3. Infrastructure failures. Control of data does not always depend on users or hackers. Sometimes there are system failures or access network failures that prevent the problem from being detected and resolved.
  4. Shadow IT. Often, large companies have departments that are different from central IT. This allows you to bypass the actual or perceived shortcomings of central information systems. Shadow IT often causes compliance as well as security issues.

Even the most impeccable workplace security can sometimes be affected by the above reasons.

Tips On Protecting Your Google Workspace Data

Here is a list of important tips for Google Workspace security:

  1. Using shared discs. Shared drives in Google Workspace allow your team members to work on a variety of files without hindrance. In addition, if a particular employee is fired, the files will not be available to him.
  2. Check emails. Nowadays, the problem of phishing is very important in the digital world. Quite often, users receive emails with links that damage files. It is very important to have conversations with employees, to teach them to distinguish fake letters from real ones. You should also use the Gmail extension in Google Workspace to automatically filter out malicious emails.
  3. Check your administrators. Identify a manager who will have privileged access to files and important tools. It is better not to provide wide access to a large amount of information. The less authority administrators have, the higher the data security.
  4. Protect the service from ransomware. It is very important to assess the risk of malware attacks. Google Workspace managers do not recommend opening dangerous and suspicious links. An important step will be to perform cloud-to-cloud backups. For instance, using G Suite Vault may be an alternative.
  5. Prefer a single sign-on system. If you’re interested in updated and improved Google Workspace security, we recommend using single sign-on. This solution will reduce the risk of using dangerous passwords for important service tools. Users will only need to know one password and use it.
  6. Enter multifactor authentication. MFA will significantly increase the security of the cloud environment, because if you gain access to the system, attackers will need an additional password. And this data will be sent to the phone of the company’s owner.

SpinOne For Google Workspace Enterprise Security

SpinOne is a great solution for business owners and companies who want to protect their data in Google Workspace. SpinOne platform for Google Workspace enterprise security ensures effective threat analysis and protection of important data from human deficiencies, extortionists and shadow IT. This program is trusted by more than 1,600 companies in 30 countries, it has excellent reviews and guarantees comfortable use. SpinOne is a paid platform, but customers can use a free trial and make sure it is effective.


In summary, we can say that data security on Google Workplace is one of the most important issues for business owners. Understanding the main threats to information, you need to think about additional security and using the SpinOne platform.

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