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[Voices of Galaxy] Meet the Photographer Teaching Others About the Healing Power of Creativity – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Voices of Galaxy spotlights people who use their passion, creativity and determination along with technology to make a positive impact on their own lives and their communities.

The journey of healing from trauma can be a long and complicated path, but for some people creativity can be used as a healing power.


This is the story of Brent Hall’s simple yet powerful message for people everywhere: Creativity will always open up positive things for you. Read on for more about how Brent uses Galaxy smartphones to capture the stunning beauty of landscapes, nature and the night sky while teaching others to explore their creativity, no matter their equipment.



When Brent was medically discharged from the U.S. Navy in 2006, he found himself formally diagnosed with PTSD.



He moved back to New Mexico and quickly realized that the more he grabbed his camera and took off into nature, the more he reconnected with himself and started to feel at ease.


“The more I reached for the camera, the more therapeutic it became for me,” said Brent.



He started taking photographs  and making videos about the process  using his Galaxy smartphone. By posting these videos he inspired others across the world to experience life in a new way, through a creative lens.



Through photography, Brent wants to teach others the same thing he learned  that working with your creative side can be healing.



To learn more about Brent’s experience teaching others about the healing power of creativity, check out the ‘Voices of Galaxy’ video below.

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