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Best Nanoleaf Sets: Features, Price and More

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If you are a gamer/streamer and are trying to decide on which Nanoleaf product is the best, then the Shapes Sonic Limited Edition Starter Kit could be the aesthetic you’re looking for.  

Nanoleaf partnered with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to create these limited-edition smart lights, which come with four large triangular panels and 28 small ones – making it one of the company’s largest sets. It will set you back a pretty penny, though.

This set has several unique pre-programmed colour patterns, so you can position the panels (using Nanoleaf’s guide – which, strangely, is not included in the box) to the shape of either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. It takes some manual painting to get the pattens right. However, once you have it saved, the app will remember your preferences.   

You can create other custom pattens and choose from various pre-programmed colours or flows and set the lights to respond to audio – the rhythms are largely responsive and accurate, unlike other models in the list. There is a screen mirroring feature to display colours shown on a TV/monitor, and the panels also boast touch controls.  

The panels are easy to connect and fit on the wall using the include adhesive strips that should cause no wall damage should you remove it as instructed. I did, however, have a few delays connecting, especially after just turning the lights on at the wall.

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