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[Infographic] Energy Savings That SmartThings’ AI Energy Mode Brings to Our Life – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Users can maximize energy savings through optimizations by combining connected appliances with the AI Energy Mode of SmartThings Energy.

We all want to save time and cut down on costs. These days, doing these things in a sustainable way is also a priority for consumers all over the world, and people everywhere are on the lookout for systems that help them save money and reduce their impact on the environment in the same step. Samsung Electronics thinks customers deserve these innovative new solutions in convenience, efficiency and sustainability and is always pushing ambitious new technologies that boost all three in its household appliances to make daily life more carefree.


AI Energy Mode, a power-saving feature from Samsung’s SmartThings Energy, is exactly this kind of solution. AI Energy Mode is powered to bring all manner of positive changes and handy solutions to the household, cutting costs and making life smoother at every turn, and its diverse features, such as AI Ecobubble™, cover a broad range of household areas.


Using AI-enhanced systems to weigh laundry loads, set defrosting cycles and estimate electricity bills, AI Energy Mode intelligently keeps track of all kinds of variables. When a refrigerator door is opened or a room’s temperature dips, SmartThings’ algorithm takes notice and responds, building a bigger picture of household usage patterns and passing the savings on to users.


Impressive savings in energy and cost have been recorded across the board, taking stress off the consumer and the environment alike, and this is just the beginning of Samsung’s vision of truly efficient, eco-conscious homes. Samsung’s intention is to make all of its key household appliances Wi-Fi enabled and SmartThings compatible by 2023, while its Net Zero Home project, in partnership with Qcells, is aimed at creating the holistic home of the future today, with SmartThings storing and managing renewable energy from inbuilt solar panels.

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