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Samsung Electronics Expands the ‘Paper-free’ System to 11,000 Services Centers Worldwide – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Over 11,000 services centers in 180 countries are set to join a bold journey to offer customers an eco-conscious alternative to paper documents through a new global integrated system

Samsung Electronics today announced its integrated global customer service system as part of its ongoing commitment to developing sustainable practices. The system aims to transition from the paper documentation previously provided to customers regarding their product repair, such as service records and receipts, to electronic documentation sent via message or email.


To facilitate the worldwide change towards paperless documentation, Samsung has upgraded its global service system, the Global Service Partner Network (GSPN), which will allow for electronic documentation to be sent to customers about each aspect of service they receive through an interface supported by various digital communications services around the globe. Through this significant change, Samsung’s customers will gain convenient access to their service-related information and be part of an initiative to protect the environment at the same time.



More than 11,000 service centers in 180 countries operated by 40 Samsung Electronics subsidiaries around the world will first adopt the system. Further, Samsung plans to scale it up in the future by also replacing its entire service center’s office work documents with electronic documents for maximum impact.


“We have been constantly making an effort to offer convenient services to our customers and to strengthen our sustainable management practices in the customer service area,” said Hyeongnam Kim, Executive Vice Present and Head of Global CS Center at Samsung Electronics. “We at Samsung are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future that provides a better life for all by introducing creative eco-conscious solutions across all our business areas. With a focus on sustainable management, we are putting carbon reduction, resource circulation and ecosystem restoration at the forefront of what we do as a global leading company to protect the environment.”


Through the campaign, Samsung expects that approximately 6 million liters of water,1 will be saved each year. In addition, nearly 526 tons of carbon emissions2 will be reduced, which can be translated into the amount of carbon absorbed by 61,000 30-year-old pine trees in a year.3



1 The calculation is based on the amount of water needed to produce a sheet of A4-sized paper that is released by the Korea Environmental Product Declaration.
2 The calculation is based on the carbon emissions generated to produce a sheet of A4-sized paper that is released by the Korea Environmental Product Declaration.
3 A 30-year-old pine tree can absorb approx. 8.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. (Korea Institute of Forest Research, July 2019)

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